This weekend the TRIBE Support tech service team at AINEO updated one of our core business services, hosted Zimbra Business Email. There are many choices out there for messaging, email, and collaboration. TRIBE provides technical service to many great companies and QuickerWeb started with Outlook and Hosted Microsoft Exchange. The licensing costs from Microsoft and the lack of features pushed AINEO to move all of our partner clients to Zimbra in 2009. We’ve never looked back as both AINEO’s team and all of our partners are happy with the platform.On 6 May we updated everyone’s business email (Bizmail). We would like to share some of the changes you will see with the changes.

2015年7月29日、MicrosoftはWindows最新版を日本市場に発表しました。 AINEO TRIBEサポートサービスのWindowsユーザーのほとんどは、職場でのオペレーティングシステムのためもあり、今でもWindows7を使用しています(現段階ではWindows 8.1が最新バージョンですが)。国内市場ではどうでしょうか? AINEO TRIBEはここ18ヶ月間で、より高価なAppleのプラットフォームへと移行するユーザーが増加傾向にあると感じています。特に中間管理職と管理職の方たちに人気があるようです。・・・・・

We’ve all received one. We get the invitation by someone we met on the airplane, in the office building lobby, or in a recent meeting, to connect. It’s usually coming through a social networking site called LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the business person’s or professional’s rendition of social networking which compares to FaceBook allows you to connect with friends and see the latest pictures, thoughts, videos and just about anything else you want to know about them.What is (LI) allows you to do some of the same things. The difference is LI pushes you to put in work history, certifications, and other CV/resume type information.

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