Quickerweb was founded in 2008 by the engineering team at AINEO Networks (an AINEO Corporate division).

The vision was to provide small to medium businesses and other organizations access to the same equipment, and throughput that the investment bank and financial firm staff enjoy at competitive pricing.  The QuickerWeb business email service allows people to-

  • Eliminate the need to worry about managing a mail server and have professional experienced engineers looking after their systems
  • Share contacts, schedules, documents, and tasks with team members in the organization.
  • Have full access and mobility to everything in the office, outside of the office so that the team can increase sales.

QuickerWeb's DataCenter's are based in Japan.  We're tested and true as we've been through tsunamis, earthquakes, and even several nuclear melt-down.  Through it all, we've never had a service outage since starting up in 2008!

Give QuickerWeb.com a test drive.  You'll never want to leave the stability of QuickerWeb.com!

About Us

Quickerweb provides small to medium business and organizations with professional Web Hosting and Business Email services. Quickerweb was founded in 2008 by the engineering team at AINEO Networks. Learn More About Us

Contact Us

  • Tokyo, Japan
    1-4-4 Iwamotocho
    Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0032
  • Tel: JP +81 3 5833-3366
  • Tel: US +1 425.310.5410