REMINDER- Business Email Upgrades This Weekend

Posted by Editor on 04/14 at 04:03 PM

Dear QuickerWeb.com Users,

This is the last reminder for QW Business email users before the major upgrades this weekend.  Please remember you will likely not have access on 20 April from 12:01AM to 09:00AM Japan standard time.  In the Zimbra desktop or web client, one change you will notice is the Documents tab will be removed and documents will be accessible under you Briefcase tab.  Of course, all documents can be edited there as you previously did in the documents section.  If you are using MS Outlook to access your email, you will notice no changes there.

We're very excited about getting you on the systems and thank you for growing with us!

Much more to come.

Kind Regards,

QuickerWeb.com Support Team.

Major Upgrades Coming To QuickerWeb.com’s Business Email

Posted by Editor on 03/29 at 02:04 PM

Dear QuickerWeb.com Partner,

In the coming weeks, we'll be doing some major upgrades to the QuickerWeb.com Business Email service.  You are going to love the new functionality you have with the system.  You'll have

-New Improved Ajax interface features such as drag and drop, shared tagging, social conversation view, auto-filtering of bulk and distribution list mail
-Expanded search capabilities with search results appearing in a separate tab
-Enterprise Calendar with scheduling suggestions for complex meetings, smart views for managing multiple calendars

Our favorite is the 'send later' feature when you write an email on Saturday and set it to go out on Monday AM when the person you want to see it is at their desk... not the bottom of their inbox. There is much more so we're stoked.

We have users in Europe, Africa, the US and all over Asia so the timing of the upgrade is challenging.  We are working on the schedule but wanted to notify you that there may be time when you may not have access to your Business Email account during the process.  We'll announce that to you when we're ready to proceed. Please bear with us as something better is coming but there is a lot of work going on in our datacenters.

Thank you for using QuickerWeb.com.  We are glad you selected us.

Kind Regards,


What Does Zimbra Based Email do?

Posted by Editor on 01/30 at 03:53 PM

The Zimbra Collaboration is more then just hosted email, it provides a rich set of email, calendar, contacts, IM, and documents, with full cross-platform support. Native integration on Windows, Macs, and Linux desktops means that Zimbra hosting already fits your existing set-up.

Once you use Zimbra, it's hard to use anything else.  Here are some details about the features



  • Conversation or message view
  • Tags and Flags
  • Search/Search Builder
  • Integrated RSS/ATOM feeds
  • View attachments as HTML
  • Keyboard navigation
  • POP Aggregation
  • Multiple User Identities
  • Rich HTML editing
  • Custom Filters
  • Personalized user themes and viewing preferences
  • Automatic inbox refresh
  • REST interface (RSS, ATOM, ZIP)


  • Group scheduling
  • Free/Busy
  • Resource scheduling
  • Resource attribute search
  • Alerts
  • Internal/external/public sharing
  • Publish/subscribe
  • Multiple calendars with overlay views
  • Color-coding
  • Inline create/drag appt
  • Inline accept/decline
  • Quick add appt from any context
  • Mini-cal with hovers
  • REST interface (iCalendar)Calendar


  • Upload files and access them from
  • any browser and share with others

Task Lists

  • Upload files and access them from
  • Any browser and share with others

Address Book

  • Multiple Address Books per user
  • Contact Card or List views
  • Address Book sharing
  • Address Book color-coding
  • Drag/drop contacts across Address Books
  • Browse by first letter
  • Search within Address Books
  • Internal/external/public sharing
  • Import/export contacts
  • REST interface (CSV, vCard)

Collaboration And Sharing

  • Share with: Internal, External, or Public
  • Share with individuals or Distro Lists
  • Consistent model across applications

Happy New Year From QuickerWeb.com!

Posted by Editor on 01/03 at 05:31 PM


Happy New Year From Your Friends at QuickerWeb.com!

Thanks to certain governments snooping, QuickerWeb.com added more international users wanting to host their data in Japan!

Thanks for putting your business email on QuickerWeb.com hosted Zimbra email.

Nothing beats QuickerWeb.com for privacy, security and reliability.


You Love Our Cloud Mail And Websites, How About Cloud Phones?

Posted by Editor on 09/16 at 07:29 PM


We've been very busy growing and expanding QuickerWeb.com.  Thank you for supporting our efforts.

In the meantime, we've seen a desire for cloud phones services that would give organizations business telephones without having to buy the system.

We are pleased to let our friends on QuickerWeb.com know that we have a cloud phone service as well.  It's going gangbusters.

Check out our service iPBX Hosting.com here.  It all about getting the features you need in the office wherever you are.

We currently just have Japan numbers but stay tuned.  There's more to come.

Tokyo Wins The 2020 Olympics!

Posted by Editor on 09/13 at 02:18 AM

We are so pleased to see all the work that Japan put in to the Olympic bid.  Well done, Prime Minister Abe and Olympic committee!

We’ve got some insights on why Tokyo won. See five reasons why we thought Tokyo, Japan was chosen over Istanbul and Madrid here.

Is The Government Reading Your Email?

Posted by Editor on 06/17 at 04:57 AM

The answer to that question is simple.  If you're on QuickerWeb.com, the chances of that are slim.  

Why?  QuickerWeb.com is business email and websites hosted in Japan.

Read more here.

Why does QuickerWeb.com Business Email Block Certain Attachments?

Posted by Editor on 01/03 at 09:39 PM

QuickerWeb.com Business email is designed to protect businesses and organizations from any type of security risk.  

We recommend that every user install AV (antivirus) and malware protection on their computers.  Email included in Green, Gold, and Platinum Plans has basic protection from viruses and other software threats installed.  However, if you are serious about security, we highly recommend Business Email.

What type of files and email does QuickerWeb.com business email block?  

1) Files that are zipped and password protected can hold a payload of malicious software or viruses.  These files are blocked.  Files that are password-protected are fine... doc, pdf, xls, whatever.

2) Files saved with the x in the extension such as xlsx pptx, or docx are exploitable.  Ask people to send in MS Office 2004 format and your files will come sailing through.

Questions?  Contact support here.

Google’s Email Service No Longer Free To Professionals And Business

Posted by Editor on 12/14 at 01:22 AM


We never really understood why you would want to use a service that profiles you and your interests while you are working for someone else to sell on you.  However, good has done it by giving away the service.  It sounds like the party might be over.  


Google has stopped offering its web-based office software, including Gmail, for free to small businesses as it aims to increase revenues outside its core web advertising business.


You can read more here.  Just another reason why you should use QuickerWeb.com's Business Email service.



Service Us Like We’re QuickerWeb’s Only Customer

Posted by Editor on 10/21 at 06:02 PM

We built QuickerWeb.com because we were fed up with the plethora of unreliable hosting companies.  QuickerWeb.com works very hard to be BQF (bright, quick, and flexible).  in the service and support we provide. We're very honored by this compliment from a customer this weekend using QuickerWeb.com for 

  • Green Plan Hosting
  • Business Email

Of course, QuickerWeb.com has hundreds of customers.  Here's the quote.


October 20, 2012 4:30 PM


Dear support,

I did not try it yet, but I want to manifest my gratitude, QUICKERWEB.COM SUPPORT works. Since we started, even with my only one domain you are giving support as I were your only one client.

I am happy with your support/service.

Best regards

Member of American Economic Association

QuickerWeb.com Continues To Add People Looking For Hosted Exchange

Posted by Editor on 07/01 at 05:46 PM

Many companies have come from a Microsoft Exchange background.  Headquarters of major companies around the world select Microsoft Exchange as their mail server of choice.  The QuickerWeb.com headquarters of AINEO Networks is no exception.

For the AINEO group, supporting Microsoft products is a huge part of our business in three countries.  In 2008, AINEO migrated it's Tokyo team to a new platform.  It was more than just messaging and scheduling like we had experienced at our sites and at our partner sites.  It was a whole new concept.  Collaboration.  

QuickerWeb.com started as a Microsoft Hosted Exchange environment.  It was a huge investment on many $20,000 servers to build the most reliable network possible for small to medium enterprises.  However, Exchange could not cut it.  We learned very quickly it was unstable and actually concerning every time we updated something that something else would break.  Even something simple like adding another company/domain.

Later that year we changed all our servers to a new concept in messaging, this collaboration.  AINEO changed our MS Exchange clusters to Zimbra clusters.  It was a bit over work transitioning all our hosted Exchange partners to Zimbra, but it was the best decision we made.  It was very smooth.

The biggest change was the users could continue to use Outlook and PC based messaging, calendaring and tasks or they could move to this collaborative back end system that allowed them to 

-Easily see a whole teams calendar in one shot

-Collaborate on a document

-Share files, share tasks, contacts, share anything and work on it together.

Switching from Hosted Exchange to hosted Zimbra was a decision that not only turned heads but allowed people to concentrate on their work and do it better.  We are seeing a constant flow of people looking for something better than Exchange for 

How To Access QuickerWeb.com Business Email Services

Posted by Admin on 03/28 at 05:37 PM

If you are used to Microsoft's Office software and email client Outlook, you are going to love QuickerWeb.com's business email.  Via QW's business email you can have access to your contacts, task lists, calendar and much more while collaborating with your team.  

To use Outlook with our service, you'll need to install the QuickerWeb Connector (Zimbra Connector).  But Outlook is only the tip of the iceberg...

Securing And Protecting Your Email Gateway From Threats

Posted by Admin on 03/28 at 05:35 PM

Companies spend thousands of dollars securing their email and web external gateways from the notoriously dangerous internet.  Companies that do not make the effort to protect their users from email borne viruses, malware, bots, and other security risks are sometimes hit with very expensive losses by downtimes of their customer service and sales teams.  

However is it really necessary to buy a Barracuda firewall (all that airport advertizing seems to drive up the costs of their products), Websense's Surfcontrol, or some other recurring cost or expensive hardware?

Since 2008, QuickerWeb.com business email users have enjoyed safe and secure email, scheduling, task lists, and collaboration with their teams.

Stop spending money on never-ending costs and focus on your business.  Contact Quickweb.com today for trial accounts to see how business email should be. 

Set Up iPhone/iPad With Business Email Service

Posted by Admin on 03/28 at 05:34 PM

AINEO Networks engineered, maintains and expands the best hosted business email service you can find, QuickerWeb.com.  If you are a QuickerWeb user and want to use the service (need to be signed up for the service), we'd like to show you how to set up your iPhone or iPad to work with your Business Email account on Quickerweb.   Below is a step by step description of how to set up your device with your account.


1) On your device, please find the settings icon and open.

001 Qweb_iPhoneSetUp

2) Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars in Settings

 002 Qweb_iPhoneSetUp

3) Add Account

 003 Qweb_iPhoneSetUp

4) Select MS Exchange for your account type (this will enable you to synchronize contacts, mail, tasks, calendar

 004 Qweb_iPhoneSetUp

5) Input your email account in the Email section as well as the username and whatever password you use to connect to Quickerweb Biz Email. Remember this is you@yourcompany.com, whatever your domain is. Here we use bqf.me as an example domain

 005 Qweb_iPhoneSetUp

6) Then select 'Next'. Please make sure you are using the password you use to access your webmail. Then when you select 'Next' you will see the device trying to verify the account

 005 Qweb_iPhoneSetUp

7) You will get a message saying "Cannot Verify Server Identity". Ignore this and select 'Continue'.

 007 Qweb_iPhoneSetUp

8) Select 'Next' again.

 008 Qweb_iPhoneSetUp

9) Here you will need to input the Quickerweb server name which is zmail.aineo.net. Make sure your user name and password field are still populated as well as the server name you have just input.

009 Qweb_iPhoneSetUp


10) Select next and watch it verify your business email account.

 008 Qweb_iPhoneSetUp

11) This is where you select what you want to sync and select 'Next'. Most users want to synchronize all of their server data with the device. Just slide the switch to on for what areas you want to have on your device.

 011 Qweb_iPhoneSetUp

12) After you have selected 'Next' you will see 'Adding Account' as the device connects the various services on the account you want to use.

 012 Qweb_iPhoneSetUp

That's all there is to it. Now enjoy the internet's best business email!

Integrating Zimbra Zimlet with Google Translator

Posted by Admin on 03/28 at 05:31 PM

Google Translator

by rrao

Under the Hood Features:

1. Allows people to translate from 54 languages to 53 other languages (~2900 combination!).

2. Automatically scales to 109 x108(~11,800 combination). Google continuously adds support for newer languages and the Zimlet is designed to automatically include them when they become available.

User-level Features:

1. 1-click in-body translation:

When a user gets an email in a language other than what the Zimbra is set to, they can now press "Translate" button to instantly translate it. Google's new api automatically figures out the from-language and the Zimlet automatically passes the to-language based on what is set in Zimbra's Preferences. The result of the translation swaps the email-body with new text.

2. "Read Side-By-Side" Button

By pressing the Read Side-By-Side button in the Translation-toolbar, user can read both original and translated emails side-by-side!!

3. From and To language menus:

If you change the language in these menus, they will automatically run a new translation.

4. Reply, Reply-all Forward Translated email:

As long as the translation widget is active or open,
reply/replyAll/Forward all automatically include(prepend) the translated text to the email being composed.

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