About QuickerWeb

QuickerWeb (QW) is a division of AINEO Corporation, a Japan-based high technology firm based in Tokyo with a team of mostly Japanese and Americans founded in May 1997. QuickerWeb itself was founded as the TRIBE Support (the technical service division of AINEO). Very shocked by the Quality Of Service (QoS) provided by firms in Japan and the United States, the TRIBE Support team has found that with nearly every technology roll out, “We can do it better”.

QuickerWeb.com started out hosting Microsoft Exchange for business email in 2007. MS Exchange is nice, but organizations using browsers and smart phones for day-to-day operations were very limited. QuickerWeb rolled out Zimbra-based business email in 2008. Later that year, website hosting was also introduced as companies wanted the solid system, support and tech experience for their internet presence in addition.

Email is the heartbeat of most businesses and is a strength of QW. However, telephones are also a major part of every business. Even famous net-based firms have customer care divisions using phone and chat. In 2012, QW rolled out its cloud service as iPBXhosting.com. In April 2015, iPBX Hosting was rolled into the QuickerWeb portfolio as QuickPhone.

TRIBE Support and the whole team use QuickerWeb for business email, roughly 20 websites, CRM, and QuickPhone Cloud Phone Service. We build it better, so we can work uninhibited. Now, companies of all sizes on all contents use QW’s cloud-based collaboration, communications, and web services.